Synonyms & Antonyms : Foresight


( Noun )

If you had had more foresight, you would have saved yourself a lot of trouble?











Contextual Examples:

Augustine’s treatment of God’s foreknowledge and man’s free will makes an interesting reading.

He could have avoided the accident by using forethought.

She showed great prescience in selling her shares just before the market cracked.

Te King’s prudence saved him falling prey to his minister’s designs.

The saint had a presentiment that his pupil will poison him one day.

These incidents are foreshadows of the civil war.


Narrow – mindedness




Contextual Examples:

Narrow-mindedness is one of the important causes of conflict among humans at all levels.

The teacher had a bias against Mary. He, therefore, deducted his marks in the general behavior, though she showed great improvement in overall performance.

Jane’s shortsightedness in business brought him early profit but huge loss in the end.

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