Fruits of Labour

Fruits of Labour :

Once, a very lazy boy named Ramu lived in a small village. He spent all his time loitering around and was always busy in daydreaming. He avoided doing any work.

One day Ramu found a bag full of money. He was delighted. He knew that one had to work to earn money. But he felt lucky for getting money without any effort at all. Ramu went and bought many tasty sweets from the bakery. Then he got some new clothes. In such a way, he started to spend the money he had got.

His mother said, "Son, don't waste the money. Use it to start some business. Work hard at it and you will become rich."

But Ramu said, "I have no need to work. I have a lot of money."

Within a few months Ramu had spent all the money in the bag. Soon he had not even a morsel to eat at home. The villagers also refused to employ such a lazy boy. Then Ramu understood that free money was not worth it. Only fruits of labour can feed a man lifelong.

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