Grandma Stories

We present you a collection of best Grandma Stories. All, mostly present in the bedtime stories and afternoon later, are the ones told by our Grandparents. Picked from various sources the stories have Kings, Queens, children and animals from all walks of life. The brief tales teach without preaching and have well phrased ending which are thought provoking presented in the manner most loved by children with easy languages, flowing style and colourful illustrations. This collection is bound to appeal the elders too. This page will prove to be an excellent pass time. It is hoped that these tales will entertain as much as they will prove to be a learning experience. The work is a result of sincere work and invites appreciation and criticism alike.

  1. Aldebaran and The Celestial Camels
  2. Bondo The Wolf and The Stray Dog
  3. Challenge of Crow
  4. Cup named Madonna
  5. Father Christmas and His Workshop
  6. Faults of The People
  7. Friend of The Rabbit
  8. Fruits of Labour
  9. Help Yourself
  10. Horse and The Donkey
  11. Lazy Monu
  12. Man and The Wolf
  13. Metabo and Camille
  14. Pot of The Friend
  15. Redfeathers The Hen
  16. Riddle of Poppy
  17. Save The Green Earth
  18. Silly Catherine
  19. Stupid Catherine
  20. Sun and The Wind
  21. Teeth of The Elephant
  22. The Bird Doctor
  23. The Boastful Athlete
  24. The Brainy Donkey
  25. The Brave Hunter
  26. The Butcher and The Thieves
  27. The Cat And The Mouse
  28. The Cat and The Old Mouse
  29. The Clever Barber
  30. The Distracted Astronomer
  31. The Dog, The Cockerel and The Fox
  32. The Dog with The Little Bell
  33. The Donkey and The Grasshopper
  34. The Donkey in The Lion's Skin
  35. The Eagle and The Woodcutter
  36. The Faithful Mongoose
  37. The Father and His Daughters
  38. The Fearful Hunter and The Woodcutter
  39. The Fisherman and His Flute
  40. The Foolish Friends
  41. The Forest King goes to War.
  42. The Fox and The Crow
  43. The Fox and The Eels
  44. The Fox and The Geese
  45. The Fox and The Grapes
  46. The Fox and The Turtle
  47. The Fox and The Woodcutter
  48. The Fox without Tail
  49. The Frightened Cake
  50. The Frog and The Ox
  51. The Gift of The Fox
  52. The Greedy Dog
  53. The Hare and The Frogs
  54. The Hare Who Got Married
  55. The Hen with The Silver Eggs
  56. The Honest Woodcutter
  57. The Horse and The Wolf
  58. The Jealous Sole
  59. The Lion and His Partners
  60. The Lion and The Ass
  61. The Lovelorn Lion and The Peasant
  62. The Mean Crow
  63. The Miser and The Beggar
  64. The Monkeys and The Bell
  65. The Mosquito and The Bull
  66. The Mystery of The Sphinx
  67. The New Moon and The Old Moon
  68. The Notorious Animals
  69. The Old Woman and The Healer
  70. The Owl and The Nightingale
  71. The Owl and The Seagull
  72. The Patched-Up Boot
  73. The Peacock and The Crane
  74. The Poor Devotee
  75. The Princess and The Peas
  76. The Right Bride
  77. The Rose and The Amaranth
  78. The Shop of Grocer
  79. The Sick Camel
  80. The Sick Wolf and The Sheep
  81. The Silly Wolf and The Billy Goat
  82. The Sister and The Witch
  83. The Smelly Lion
  84. The Spiteful Gnomes
  85. The Stag and The Lion
  86. The Stolen Ass
  87. The Stolen Horse
  88. The Sun and The Moon
  89. The Thankless Snake
  90. The Trusting Shepherd
  91. The Two Cockerels and The Eagle
  92. The Two Friends
  93. The Two Mules
  94. The Viper, The Water Snake and The Frog
  95. The Weasels and The Mice
  96. The Wolf and The Fox
  97. The Wolf and The Heron
  98. The Wolf and The Shepherd
  99. Wish of The Lion
  100. Why The Sun and The Moon live in The Sky?

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