Synonyms & Antonyms : Fundamental


( Adjective )

Knowledge of the fundamental rules of Arithmetic is must to get more marks in this exam.

Synonyms :








Contextual Examples:

Always speaking the truth is an essential qualification for this job of great financial responsibility.

Fertilizers have become an important feature of agriculture productivity.

Irrigational facilities are a primary consideration for determining the value of an agriculture farm.

Food, cloth and shelter are the basic requirements of human beings.

Mathematics is made an integral part of the school syllabus now which was only an optional subject before.

To get a first division in the examination was crucial to her.

Antonyms :




Extra subsidiary


Contextual Examples:

Human labor has come down to secondary position in this age of automation.

His attendance at today’s meeting is unimportant.

Many of the non-essential commodities like motor car and T.V have been upgraded to essential category in all modern advanced countries.

You don’t need to give those superfluous details about the incident.

For a student all other works are subsidiary in comparison to studies.

You should take some extra health drinks in order to improve your health.

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