GRE : Problem Solving

You should have strong foundation in the Basics of Mathematics to answer the questions in the section of GRE Problem Solving. Problems from all areas(Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Trigonometry) of Mathematics will be asked in the Quantitiative section of GRE.

Few Model Questions taken from Old GRE : Question Papers have been analysed here for your reference.

These Questions will give you an idea about the types of Questions that will be asked in GRE.



If 3x + 1 represents an odd integer, which of the following represents the next larger odd integer?

(A) 3(x + 1)

(B) 3(x + 2)

(C) 3(x + 3)

(D) 3x + 2

(E) 3(x + 2) + 1


If 3x + 1 is an odd integer, the next odd integer is (3x + 1) + 2

= 3x + 3

= 3(x + 1)

Among the answer choices, (A) is the answer.

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