Greek Prefixes

Greek Prefixes are widely used to form new words which may convey totally different meanings. A Prefix is placed before a root word to make a new word.

Here is the list of
Greek Prefixes.

A (an) – without

Atheist, apathy, anarchy

Amphi – around, on both sides

Amphitheatre, amphibious

Ana – up, back

Analysis, anachronism

Anti (ant) – against

Antipathy, apology

Apo(ap) – from

Apostate, apology

Arch (archu) – chief

Arch-bishop, arch angel, architect

Auto – self

Autobiography, autograph

Cata – down

Cataract, catastrophe, catalogue

Di – twice


Dia – through

Diameter, diagonal

Dys –badly

Dysentery, dyspepsia

En (em) – in

Encyclopedia, emblem

Epi – upon

Epilogue, epitaph

Eu – well

Eulogy, euphony, eugenics

Ex (ec) – out of

Exodus, eccentric

Hemi – half,


Homo (hom) – like

Homogeneous, homonym

Hyper – over, beyond

Hyperbole, hypercritical

Hypo – under

Hypocrite, hypothesis

Meta (met) – implying change

Metaphor, metonymy

Mono – alone, single

Monopoly, monophony, monoplane

Pan – all

Panacea, panorama, pantheism

Para – beside, by the side of,

Parallel, paradox, parasite

Peri – round

Period, perimeter, periscope

Philo (phil)– love

Philosophy, philanthropy

Pro – before

Prophesy, programme

Syn (sym, syl, sy ) – with, together

Synonym, sympathy, syllable, system

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