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Fill in the blanks with appropriate Homophones.

  1. V.O.C. played a vital role. (role / roll) in the freedom struggle.

  2. Her gait (gate / gait) is very graceful.

  3. This Medicine will lessen (lessen / lesson) your pain.

  4. Protect your feet (feat / feet) against heat.

  5. He is selling meat (meet / meat) in the market.

  6. We want peace (piece / peace) in the world.

  7. This ointment will heal (heel / heal) your wound.

  8. Bring me a pail. (pail / pale)

  9. You must keep out of very sight. (site / sight)

  10. The ceiling (ceiling / sealing) of the room is beautifully decorated.

  11. The judge released the man on bail. (bail / bale)

  12. He has the sole (sole / soul) agency for the product.

  13. Give me a piece (peace / piece) at chalk.

  14. The girl sang quite (quite / quiet) well.

  15. The pain was more than he could bear. (bare / bear)

  16. The hunter cast (caste / cast) a net to catch the bird.

  17. My brother is a minor (minor / miner) and he cannot vote.

  18. He is wrong to steal (steel / steal) the things of others.

  19. Apply oil on the hair. (hair / hare)

  20. The computer is a labour saving device. (device / devise)

  21. How much is the fare (fair / fare) to Mumbai?

  22. He has applied for a loan. (loan / lone)

  23. When did he write (write / right) an essay?

  24. King came to know (no / know) about his people.

  25. Write down (town / down) important points.

  26. The mantle (mantle / mantel) of power fell on his head at a very early stage.

  27. His official (official / officious) behaviour irritates everyone.

  28. The sheiks lead a luxurious (luxuriant / luxurious) life.

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