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( Adjective )

When men cannot find employment, they remain










Contextual Examples:

Helium is an
inert gas, as it neither moves nor causes any motion.

Village laborer is
unoccupied for about six months in a year.

The waiters seem
lazy in this restaurant as there is not much rush of visitors.

Many machines have been
inactive in this office since the computer was installed last year.

sloth manners keep her away from good friend.

I feel
sluggish and lazy after eating too much.

Due to lack of enough avenues for employment, the
unemployed youth are becoming frustrated day by day.

The teacher scolded the
indolent student but could not pull him up.







Contextual Examples:

Deepak is a very
active boy. He is good in both sports and studies.

Sarita keeps herself
busy in one activity or the other all her waking hours.

John takes
diligent interest in both sports and studies.

He is quite
industrious in his studies.

The book was the result of ten year’s
assiduous research.

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