Synonyms & Antonyms : Intensify


( Verb )

Intensify your efforts to attain what you want.







Contextual Examples:

Wrong medicine will aggravate the pain.

These lenses can magnify the object 40 times.

It is very easy to increase the expenditure but very difficult to decrease it.

Her splendid dress enhanced her beauty.









Contextual Examples:

Condition of the patient was mildened by the doctor’s visit.

This medicine will lessen the pain in your back.

The number of students in our schools has diminished since last year.

Your donation to the orphanage will attenuate your guilt to some degree.

This exercise will help you reduce your weight.

The only thing that can alleviate your financial burden in the long run is taking to mechanization and automation at the earliest.

Resumption of duty alone will assuage your worries.

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