Latin Prefixes

Latin Prefixes are widely used to form new words which may convey totally different meanings. A Prefix is placed before a root word to make a new word.

Here is the list of
Latin Prefixes.

Ab (a, abs)-From, away

Abuse, assign, attach, abstract

Ad (ac, af, al, an, ap, ag, as, ar, at, a)-to

Adjoin, accord, affect, aggressive, allege, announce, appoint, arrest, assign, attach, avail etc…

Ambi (amb, am) - on both sides, around

Ambiguous, amputate, ambition, amphitheatre etc…

Ante (anti, an)-before

Antedate, anticipate, ancestor


Benediction, benefit

Bis (bi, bin)-twice, two

Binoculars, biscuit, bisect

Circum (circu) - around

Circumnavigate, circumference, circuit

Con (col, com, cor) – with, together

Contend, collect, combine, correct

Contra (counter) – against

Contradict, counteract, counterfeit


Descend, dethrone, depose etc…

Dis (dif, di) –

Disjoin, differ, divide etc…



Ex (ef, e) - out of

Extract, effect

Extra-beyond, outside of

Extraordinary, extravagant

In (il, im, ir, en, em) –in, into

Invade, illustrate, immerse, irrigate, enact, embrace etc…

In (il, im, ir) –not

Insecure, illegal, imprudent, irregular etc…

Inter (Intro, enter) – among, within

Intervene, introduce, entertain etc…

Male (mal) –ill

Malevolent, malcontent



Ob (oc) –in the way of

Object, occupy etc

Of – against


Pen – almost

Penultimate, peninsula etc…

Per (pel) – through

Pervade, pellucid

Post – after

Postscript, postdate, postpone

Pre – before

Prefix, prevent, predict

Preter –beyond


Pro (por, pur) –for

Pronoun, portray, pursue

Re – back, again

Reclaim, refund, renew, return

Retro –backwards

Retrospect, retrograde

Se (sed) – apart

Secede, separate, seduce, sedition

Semi – half

Semicircle, semicolon

Sine – without


Sub (suc, suf, sug, sum, sup, sur, sus ) – under

Subdue, succeed, suffer, suggest, summon, support, surmount, sustain

Subter – beneath


Super –above

Superfine, superfluous

Trans (tra, tres) –across

Transmit, traverse, trespass etc…

Vice – in the place of

Viceroy, vice-president

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