Lazy Monu

Lazy Monu :

Once, a lazy rabbit named Monu lived in a forest. He never did any work at home. He walked and hopped slowly. He never reached anywhere in time because he was slow and lazy. His parents always warned him, "Son, your laziness will make you suffer one day. Please leave this bad habit."

But Monu never paid heed to their advice. He did not leave his bad habit of laziness.

One day Monu was lying under a shady tree. Some other rabbits were playing nearby. Just then another rabbit, named Sonu, saw a wolf coming down the path. He went to the other rabbits and said, “Friends, let us run away. The wolf is coming here. He will eat us up."

All the rabbits heard him and ran off. Sonu tried to wake up Monu but he said, "Oh! The wolf is far way. Let me sleep a little longer."

Sonu went away. Soon the wolf came to the spot. Monu could not run away in time. The wolf pounced and killed him. So the Monu lost his life due to his laziness.

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