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( Adjective )

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I am too
lazy to rise early in the morning.









Contextual Examples:

Indian farmer is
idle for about six months in a year.

I feel
sluggish and lazy after eating too much at the dinner party.

Mohan used to be an
indolent boy but now he works quite hard.

The unemployed youths are suffering from depressions and are becoming
delinquent now a day.

Slow and steady wins the race.

slothful attitude keeps him from getting ahead in his job.





Up and doing

Contextual Examples:

Growth of industries in cities around the villages can make Indian farmer
active throughout the year.

Vicky is a
smart boy. He is good in studies as well as in sports.

agile habits have brought him the desired success.

He is always
up and doing whether at home or outside.

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