Letter expressing support

This is a Letter expressing support.

12th January 2001.


Mr. Lee Wing Wan,
Lee Pharmacy,
456, Lalan Bandar Baru,
82000 Pontian,


Mr. Zing Lue Kee,
29 – Lee Mart,

Dear Lue Kee,

I was shocked to hear that you have been involved in an accident with a trailer on Sunday. Miss Choong told me that you have a fractured leg and some other minor injuries. I am thankful to God it is not more serious. An encounter with a giant trailer is not pleasant thing. I am sure you know now.

I have to be in New York today and that is why I am unable to come see you. So, I am asking Maniam to visit you on my behalf. I shall pay you a visit when I get back from New York in two days time. So keep your spirits up and may you get well soon.

With love.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature of Lee Wing Wan)


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