Letter of condolence

This is a sample of Letter of condolence: On the death of a child

13 Sophia Road,

18th October 2005.

Dear Cecilia,

We are very much grieved that God has taken away little Nancy from you by an accident. I know how terrible and implacable must be your sorrow. But, what can man do when God’s will is different?

It will only worsen your health to brood over the death for a long period. You have your other children to take care of. Kindly control your grief dear, for the sake of the other children. My elder daughter, Mona will visit you to be with the children for some time.

Yours sincerely,

Singature of Mohsin


The Social-letters which are written to relations and intimate friends should be written in an easy, conversational style. So, it must for us to take care and preserve some order in expressing our thoughts. Above all, it must be remembered that, however free-and-easy may be our style, we are as much bound by the rules of spelling, punctuation, grammar and idiom in writing a letter as we are in writing the most formal letter.

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