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( Noun )

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My luck is out.







Contextual Examples:

On his death he left a great fortune to his son.

He got many chances to become rich but he did not avail them as has no love for money.

He is not jealous of the prosperity of his brothers.

You must try harder for the good of the team.

A stroke of good luck turned the beggar into a rich man.


Bad luck


Bad stroke




Contextual Examples:

He is such an enterprising young man. His failure in business is sheer bad luck.

I have been denied many good chances in the career as I have the misfortune of being the nephew of a notorious politician.

I was entirely booked for a nice career abroad, but the breaking out of the war proved a bad stroke.

My circumstances are now rather unfavorable for a career in business. I will have to take up a job for the time being.

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