Difficult Words : Magnanimous, Machination, Magnate, Malaise, Malfeasance and Malinger

Difficult Words : Magnanimous, Machination, Magnate, Malaise, Malfeasance and Malinger

Machination (MAK uh NAY shun) n: scheming activity for an evil purpose

This word is almost always used in the plural- machinations-in which form it means the same thing.

The ruthless machinations of the mobsters left a trail of blood and bodies.

The machinations of the conspirators were aimed at nothing less than the overthrow of the government.

This word is often used imprecisely to mean something like machine-like activity. It should not be used in this way.

Magnanimous (mag NAN uh mus) adj: forgiving, noble in spirit, generous

The boxer was magnanimous in defeat, telling the sports reporters that his opponent had simply been too talented for him to beat.

Mrs. Jones magnanimously offered the little boy a cookie when he came over to confess that he had broken her window while attempting to school her cat with his pellet gun.

To be magnanimous is to have magnanimity. The magnanimity of the conquering general was much appreciated by the defeated soldiers.

Magnate (MAG Nate) n: a rich, powerful or very successful business-person

John D. Rockefeller was a magnate who was never too busy to give a shoeshine boy a dime for his troubles.

Malaise (ma LAYZ) n: feeling uneasy or queasy

Malaise descended on the calculus class when the teacher announced a quiz.

Malfeasance (mal FEE zuns) n: an illegal act, especially by a public official

President Ford officially pardoned former president Nixon before the latter could be convicted of any malfeasance.

Malinger (mul LING ger) v: to pretend to be sick to avoid doing work

Indolent Leon always malingered when it was his turn to clean up the house.

Arthur is artful and he always manages to malinger before a big exam.

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