Synonyms & Antonyms : Manner


( Noun )

I do not like his manner.











Contextual Examples:

The new batsman has an awkward style of hitting the hall.

The mode of repayment of debt was duly described in the agreement.

A custom must be very old in order to be valid in the eyes of law.

I like his method of solving the problem of Mathematics.

Scientists have helped the farmers to try out new systems of growing crops.

I like the way you’ve done your hair.

She moves in a graceful fashion.

The students were fined for their disruptive conduct in the class.

The biologist studied the behavior of lions in their natural habitat.







Contextual Examples:

His mannerlessness caused disgust among the neighbors.

He was so discourteous to the Principal that the management committee had to rusticate him despite his high connections with the deputy commissioner.

He is extremely intelligent, but his unsocial behavior stands like a wall in his career.

He is intelligent but unsystematic.

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