Murder and Manslaughter

What is the difference between Murder and Manslaughter?

In both cases, you perform an illegal act; you end up taking someone’s life. When you murder someone, the act of killing the individual is deliberate or intentional. Usually, it is planned, and is carried out in a cold – blooded manner. It is for this reason that the punishment for murder is very server. In the case of manslaughter, the act of killing may or may not be intentional. You could end up killing someone quite accidentally. If your kill you aunt or uncle because you want their property, then it is murder. If you run over a pedestrian, it is manslaughter. Then you kill someone quite accidentally. When you kill someone in self – defense it is manslaughter and not murder.

• The murder in Noida has upset many people in our country.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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