English : Many Happy Returns of the Day

How do you greet someone on his/her wedding anniversary?

Is it O.K to say Many Happy Returns of the Day?

We greet our friends and relative on important days such as their birthdays, wedding days, the days on which they got their job and their promotions, etc...There are few phrases which we use to express our happiness on those occasions. Irrespective of the nation to which we belong, we always wish to express our respect and love towards our loving ones. This is one of those phrases which are used widely. This is very beautiful phrase.

The usual greeting is
Happy wedding anniversary or Happy anniversary. Both are equally acceptable. I have heard people saying Many happy returns of the day. Though this may strike one as being odd, some native speakers accept it. Dictionaries however contend that Many happy returns of the day should be restricted to birthdays.

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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