Synonyms & Antonyms : Melody


( Noun )

melody is next taken up by the flute.








Contextual Examples:

The children showed complete
unison in their dance and music items.

Sankar Jai Kishan has composed many interesting

Shall we have some
music during dinner?

Amaranth and I worked together in complete
harmony for several years.

The rich child carries an
air of extravagance around him.

symphony is part of his new composition.






Contextual Examples:

Religion is no more the root of
discord in modern societies. It is the clash of economic interests that causes disharmony.

Many a dispute in society is based on
distortion of facts by vested interests.

Once the society is divided among classes,
disruption consequentially follows.

The music presented at the concert was pure and simple
noise meant for the animal taste and not for the gentry invited for the occasion.

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