Difficult Words : Mendacious, Mediate and Mellifluous

Difficult Words: Mendacious and Mellifluous

Mellifluous (muh LIF loo us) adj: sweetly flowing

Mellifluous comes from Greek words meaning, roughly,
honey flowing. We use the word almost exclusively to describe voices, music or sound that flow sweetly like honey.

Melanie's clarinet playing was mellifluous. The notes flowed smoothly and beautifully.

The choir's mellifluous singing made us feel as though we were being covered with a sticky yellow liquid.

Mendacious (men DAY shus) adj: lying, dishonest

Children are naturally mendacious. If you ask them what they are doing, they will automatically answer

The jury saw through the mendacious witness and convicted the defendant.

To be mendacious is to engage in mendacity or lying. I have no flaws, except occasional mendacity.

Don't confuse this word with mendicant.

Mediate (MEE dee ATE) v: to help settle differences

The United Nations representative tried to mediate between the warring countries, but the soldiers just kept shooting at each other.

Joe carried messages back and forth between the divorcing husband and wife in the hope of mediating their differences.

To mediate is to engage in mediation.

When two opposing groups, such as a trade union and the management of a company, try to settle their differences through mediation, they call in a mediator to listen to their cases and make an equitable decision.

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