Synonyms & Antonyms : Merit


( Noun )

Thet is not much
merit in giving away the things that you do not want.






Contextual Examples:

The present
worth of a rupee is hardly 50% of last year.

It means the
value of money in relation to goods has fallen to almost half.

On the whole, however, the economy of the country has shown its
excellence in terms of total national product.

The engineering exports of the country have doubled by
virtue of scientific advancement.







Contextual Examples:

This computer operator has many
faults in his behavior.

He is amenable to
errors of over-sophistication and artificiality.

There is, however, no
flaw in his character. Every man has some weakness, and he is no exception.

worthlessness of Darwin’s ideology in human behavior has been proved beyond and doubt.

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