Synonyms & Antonyms : Mind


( Noun )

Have youy made up your mind about what you will do?












Contextual Examples:

His essays are full of wit and humor.

He had to change his plan of action when he gave a second thought to the problem.

The teacher tries to inculcate into his pupils a sense of beauty.

His arguments did not appeal to our sense of reason.

Man’s intellect distinguishes him from the beasts.

The film is not recommended to people of a nervous disposition.

He died because his brain was fatally wounded in the accident.

Objective type questions are a new method of testing the intelligence of the candidates.

Few people have an understanding of international law.

He was deeply depressed and no one could lift his spirits.





Brute force



Contextual Examples:

The hypnotist mesmerized my body and soul.

The matter in nature is divided into solids, liquids and gases.

The boy with the brown suit is my cousin.

It needs brute force to kill an enemy.

The government favors policy of importing raw materials, finishing them into products and exporting them.

There is little substance in the facts and figures to support your argument.

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