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Americanize : verb: to render American

caddy : noun : a small box for tea

checkers : noun plural : a game

chore : noun : a small job, domestic work

demoralize : verb : to corrupt, undermine or destroy moral principles

emphasize : verb : to pronounce with a stress of voice

energize : verb : to give strength or vigor

flytrap : noun : a trap to catch flies

hydrant : noun : a pipe to conduct and deliver water

immigrant : noun : one who removes into a country

inapproachable : adjective : not to be approached

inexact : adjective : not exact or precise

insubordination : noun : disobedience or want of submission to authority

leanto : noun : the part of a building that appears to lean upon another

notice : verb : to see, regard, observe, attend

orthoepy : noun : the art of just pronunciation

penmanship : noun : the act, art, or use of writing

pry : verb : to look into with close inspection, to raise with a lever

publicity : noun : a public state, notoriety

sectarian : adjective : pertaining to a sect

skittles : noun : a game like ninepins

slang : noun : vulgar language, cant phrases [low]

slat : noun : a thin piece of timber connecting larger ones

slatternly : adjective : negligent in dress, sluttish

snowshoe : noun : a light frame to walk with on snow

spry : adjective : nimble, brisk, quick in action

surf : noun : waves or swell of the sea breaking on shore

velveteen : noun : a cloth made of cotten and linen

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