Modus Vivendi

What is the meaning of Modus Vivendi?

First, let’s deal with the pronunciation of this Latin expression. The
Mod rhymes with load, showed and toad and the u that follows is like the a in China. The first I is like the i in kit, bit and sit, while the second i is like the ee in see, bee and fee. The e in ven sounds like the e in set, bet and pet. The main stress is one the second syllable of vivend. This is just one of the ways of pronouncing the word. A Modus Vivendi is a practical arrangement which allows two people who have a difference of opinion about something. To work or live together while waiting for their dispute to be settled this arrangement is usud temporary. ]

• In order to complete the project on time, a Modus Vivendi was achieved between the two countries.


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