Synonyms & Antonyms : Mourn


( Verb )

He mourns the loss of his mother.










Contextual Examples:

He bemoaned the shortage of funds available for research.

He bewailed the disappearance of his little dog.

It is a matter of great sorrow that he has lost his son in an accident.

Pankaj lamented that so many hedges had been destroyed.

Everyone regretted the death of Indira Gandhi.

Try not to grieve too much for the puppy that has died.

The boatman deplored the roughness of the sea.


Be joyful






Contextual Examples:

The occasion of my brother’s marriage with famous actress proved highly joyful.

The child gets a strange joy from playing with its toys.

Let’s rejoice the silver jubilee of our company by holding a grand party.

The emergence of Bangladesh was a matter of great triumph for Mrs. Gandhi.

Enjoy your stay in this hotel.

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