Difficult Words :

Myriad, Myopia and Munificent

Difficult Words : Myriad, Myopia and Munificent

Munificent (myoo NIF i sunt) adj: very generous, lavish

The munificent millionaire gave lots of money to any charity that came to him with a request.

Mrs. Bigelow was a munificent hostess. There was so much wonderful food and wine at her dinner parties that the guests had to rest between courses. She was known for her munificence.

Myopia (mye OH pee uh) adj: nearsightedness, lack of foresight

Myopia is the fancy medical name for the inability to see clearly at a distance. It's also a word used in connection with people who lack other kinds of visual acuity.

The President suffered from economic myopia. He was unable to see the consequences of his fiscal policies.

The worker's dissatisfaction was inflamed by management's myopia on the subject of wages.

To suffer myopia is to be myopic. Some people who wear glasses are myopic. So are the people who can't see the consequences of their actions.

Myriad (MIR ee ud) n: a huge number

A country sky on a clear night is filled with a myriad of stars.

There are myriad reasons why I don't like school.

This word can also be used as an adjective. The phrase Myriad stars means a lot of stars.

The teenagers were weighted down by the myriad anxieties of adolescence.

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