Synonyms & Antonyms : Native


( Adjective & Noun)

The first meetings between Captains Cook and the
natives resulted in failure.








Contextual Examples:

aboriginals of this district still live in small huts.

This beautiful woman has an
innate sense of style.

Anti-natal care of the children forms a part of the new family welfare schemes of the government.

The loss of some persons even in a small war is
natural and inevitable.

original plan was good but of late it has become too complicated for implementation.

Our industrial policy lays great emphasis on
indigenous production of machinery.








Contextual Examples:

Foreign policy of India lays due emphasis on five principles of co-existence called Panchsheel.

The doctor found an
extraneous matter in his blood; so he referred him to a specialist.

Aliens are kept under constant watch in India these days to stop the terrorist activity.

The government can
acquire any private property for public good by paying compensation to the owner.

My uncle had
supplemented his income by working overtime to cover an extra family liability.

extrinsic value of a currency is the one which matters in international dealings.

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