Synonyms & Antonyms : Nervous


( Adjective )

nervous system of the human body is a wonder of its own nature.








Contextual Examples:

He was
hesitant to go outstation in the first instant. His father, however, encourages him to join the offered post in Calcutta.

Vicky feels very
timid when he sees a big dog.

He was much
agitated when he heard of the accident.

His recent failures have made him so
shaky. He is not ready to start even a sound business.

Deepak is
afraid of going out alone at night.

She is a
timorous young woman unable to live life on her own.









Contextual Examples:

There are very few
courageous persons like Dev.

I don’t feel
bold enough to ask for pay increase.

manly courage was behind for his great success in business.

Rajeev Gandhi has shown
undaunted courage by concluding an agreement on Punjab.

The circus man was a
doughty fellow. He was feeding the lions as if these were cats.

Valiant are those that carry on the struggle until they achieve their objective.

Richard is
brave boy. He can hunt in the forest alone.

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