Non-acceptance of the Birthday Invitation

Non-acceptance of the invitation to the celebration of birthday and negative reply to the letter of invitation.

423 De Mel,

16th June 2003.

Dear Adela,

Oh! I wish I had wings and I could fly to you now and strum away on my guitar as a token of my greetings to you on your birth day. Unluckily, the 26th of June is the day my college is having its first examination. You know very well I can not change the schedule. So, I can not come.

I will be with you in heart and mind. I am sending you a cassette of my guitar strumming of old classics. You may play them on your deck and imagine I am there.

I feel extremely sorry for my inability to attend the function. After all my examinations are over, I call on you.

Please, accept my greetings, Many more returns of the day. May God bless you with all treasures.

Convey my love to Babli, Uncle and Aunty.

With love.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Stella


This is a sample of letter Non-acceptance of the Invitation to the Celebration of Birthday.For the copy of the sample letter of Acceptance of the Invitation to the Celebration of Birth day, Click here !

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