Positive reply to Birthday Invitation

Acceptance of the invitation to the celebration of birth day and positive reply to the letter of invitation.

423 De Mel,

16th June 2003.

Dear Adela,

You were never a great one for organizing parties because you feel shy of the attention of young men. So, I am a bit surprised. I wonder whether you want to use this party to hunt for female companion. Not a bad idea. Don’t mind my bantering you. After all, I always derived pleasure from teasing you even during college days.

Let me tell you I am coming with guitar, banjo and synthesizer to cater to different tastes. I have recently picked up some rap music too. We have formed a music group.

Of course, you have to pay us to play in your birth day party. The bill will not be beyond your affordability level.

I will be there in time.

So best of luck.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Stella


This is a sample letter of Acceptance of the Invitation to the Celebration of Birthday.For the sample letter of Non-acceptance of the Invitation to the Celebration of Birth day,
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