Let us see what a Noun-Phrase or Phrasal Verb is.

We have already seen that a noun is a word used as a name of a person, place, thing, state, quality, activity, action etc...

• Mr. Clinton is the Chairman of this company.

In this sentence Mr. Clinton is a noun which indicates the name of a person.

• He has constructed a building.

In this sentence
a building is a noun which is the object of the verb constructed.

In these two sentences, the nouns are in a single-word form. A group of words can play the role of a noun as in the following sentence.

• He wants to go to the college.

In the above sentence, the object of the verb
wants is to go to the college and this to go to college is a noun.

Here the noun is a not in
single-word form whereas it is in a group of words form.

Such a noun which is
a group of words is called NOUN-PHRASE.


• Early to bed is a good maxim.

Early to bed is a noun-phrase.

• We enjoy playing cricket.

Playing cricket is a Phrasal Verb.

• Did you enjoy reading this book?

Reading this book is a Phrasal Verb.

• To win a prize is my ambition.

To win a prize is a Phrasal Verb.

• He hopes to win the first prize.

To win the first prize is the Phrasal Verb.

In the following sentences the noun-phrases have been made

• He loves
to issue harsh orders.

• I tried my level best
to get the sum right.

Standing about in cold night did me no good.

• His father wised
to speak to the headmaster.

• That politician likes
to get ordinary people into trouble.

• We intended
to pay back every penny of the borrowed money.

• They dislike
punishing our servants.

• Horses prefer
living on the dark stables.

• You should hate
to do such a thing.

• Have ever climbed
a coconut tree?

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