Synonyms & Antonyms : Pause


( Noun )

The whole discussion went on without any pause.












Contextual Examples:

The board of directors gave the candidate short respite before the next question.

There was an interval of ten minutes at the concert to give the orchestra a rest.

His absence from office was treated as a break in his service.

The troops halted for a rest.

The warring nations agreed on a cessation of hostilities.

Many of the audience left the hall in the intermission, so boring was the picture.

There was lull before the thunderstorm.

His suspension has been revoked by the new secretary.

Stoppage of work by the union leaders for their trivial demands was condemned by the press.

The chairman is waiting to begin the meeting.






Contextual Examples:

We continued our journey without break.

We should inform of our new order to the firm in continuation of the earlier order.

This business is a continuance of the old one.

We must ensure the continuity of schemes undertaken by the forgoing ministry.

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