Synonyms & Antonyms : Pitiable


( Adjective )

His efforts to change the nature of his brother were nothing but pitiable attempts.










Contextual Examples:

What has happened to make you look so sad?

It was distressing to see him suffering from pain.

Hearing the sorrowful news she wept bitterly.

His speech was deeply moving.

The death of Martin Luther King in 1968 was a grievous loss to humanity.

The funeral involved a long and doleful ceremony.

The woeful news of the death of Mrs. Indira Gandhi grieved the nation.

The pupils and teachers are mournful today because the headmaster has died.





Contextual Examples:

The weather is very pleasant today.

Our college encourages numerous desirable extracurricular activities after study hours.

Our new manager is an enviable personality – what a gait, manners, speech, vocabulary, health!

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