Synonyms & Antonyms : Prediction


( Noun )

Your prediction of her success in this exams may prove wrong.











Contextual Examples:

The announcement of the Indian Civil Services Examination was published quite late this year.

Many prophecies about the future of mankind are mentioned in the Bible.

Leading newspapers publish the next day’s weather forecast daily.

The rainbow was an augury of clear weather.

She had a sense of foreboding that the plain would crash.

The boss has issued him a warning for coming late to office so often,

In India you can find a good number of persons engaged in fortune – telling.

Mrs. Indira Gandhi was one of the few world leaders with keen foresight.

The divination of Swami Vivekananda came to limelight after his visit to America in 1893.







Contextual Examples:

The fate of the deposed Iraqi President was kept a mystery by the Americans.

The secrecy of the defence establishment was violated by a military officer. He was, therefore, sacked.

The accused remained in hiding for a few months but was then caught.

The occult view of the dacoit helped the police to nab him.

The underground leader was in due course recovered from concealment.

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