Synonyms & Antonyms : Prejudice


( Noun )

Listen to this new poem without any prejudice.







Contextual Examples:

Although the step-daughter was so much neglected, she never complained against the unfairness of her parents.

Your presumption that he will return your loan will prove wrong.

The partiality of the reference helped the guest team to win the match.

Europeans had a pre-conception that India was a country of snake – charmers.

A Judge should be completely without bias.









Contextual Examples:

There is no certainty of good rains this year.

The finance Minister has changed the financial policy of the government with enough reasoning and conviction.

The workers held a demonstration outside the gates of the factory to demand increase in wages.

The court has sought more evidence against the accused before admitting the prima-facie case.

There is no proof that he stole the pen.

There is no reason for us to worry about this affair.

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