Prepositions of Time

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Prepositions of Time : at, on, for, since & in

We use at to designate specific times.

  • The train is due at 12:15 p.m.

  • We use on to designate days and dates.

  • My brother is coming on Monday.

  • We're having a party on the Fourth of July.

  • We use in for nonspecific times during a day, a month, a season, or a year.

  • She likes to jog in the morning.

  • It's too cold in winter to run outside.

  • He started the job in 1971.

  • He's going to quit in August.

  • We use for when we measure time (seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years).

  • He held his breath for seven minutes.

  • She's lived there for seven years.

  • The British and Irish have been quarreling for seven centuries.

  • We use since with a specific date or time.

  • He's worked here since 1970.

  • She's been sitting in the waiting room since two-thirty.

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