Synonyms & Antonyms : Privilege


( Noun )

Do not grant anyone the privilege of fishing in this trout stream.










Contextual Examples:

He is always ready to do anyone a favor.

The government helped small fishing villages with grant for building hardboards for their boats.

He has already obtained a licence from the government for setting up a small scale industry in the industrial estate.

The charter of demands given by our union will be considered by the cabinet today.

Penicillin grants immunity against several diseases.

Income from National Saving Certificates is exempted from taxation.

The right to speak has been guaranteed under the constitution of India.

The princely states enjoyed several prerogatives under the patronage of British rule in India.






Contextual Examples:

The modern society has given up many old social inhibitions that stood in the way of healthy growth of young persons.

UN has no real power of military action against warring states as any on the five permanent members – US, UK, USSR, France and China can veto such action.

The Parliament of India has so far never issued any intermittent on the taking of alcoholic drink, though some of the states have enforced prohibition now and then.

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