The Quantitative Ability Section of GMAT consists of two types: Problem-Solving and Data Sufficiency.

In the Quantitative Ability Section of GMAT, you have to answer 37 questions in 75 minutes.

Here, you could find ten sample questions of this type. This type is most familiar to you because you have been facing and answering such questions from your school days up to now whenever you had to take an examination in Mathematics. The only difference is that the questions in GMAT are of multiple choice types.

15 questions will be of Data Sufficiency type and 22 questions will be of this type.

Questions of each of these types are not grouped separately, but are intermixed with questions of the other type.

These questions do not expect you to perform complicated arithmetic calculations for arriving at the answer. On the contrary, they test your understanding of the fundamental and subtle principles of arithmetic, algebra and geometry.

These sample questions have been taken from the old GMAT question papers.

Answer each question yourself before reading the analysis that follows each question.

Read every question carefully

Sample Problem-Solving Questions

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