Synonyms & Antonyms : Prolong


( Verb )

Only after
prolonged questioning, the culprits admitted their role in this crime.










Contextual Examples:

The days are starting to
lengthen again.

In spite of difficulties, he is determined to
continue his studies.

He got a positive reply for recovery of money after
protracted correspondence spread over two years.

The garden was
extended to include a little stream that ran beside it.

Mary’s new gloves had to be
stretched before she could put them on.

courage was sustained by the cheerfulness of the younger members of the party.

The car driver had to
accelerate before coming up the hill.

Adoption of modern technology will
quicken the space of our progress.











Contextual Examples:

This utensil can
contain about one liter of milk.

You will have to
lessen the quantity to make use to this can.

Your uniform is too loose. Why not
shorten it yourself?

We will have to
diminish the use of sugar if you want to avail only the rationed amount.

This book is good but too long. Why don’t you
abridge it and reduce the price.

The value of the rupee has
decreased in the domestic marked by 44% in one year.

The metals
contract in winter and expand in the summer.

Your ideas need to be
abbreviated to make them pleasant reading.

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