Synonyms & Antonyms : Prove


( Verb )

I shall
prove to you that the witness is quite unreliable.









Contextual Examples:

His concern for the famine victims is an
attested fact.

Marxists believe that ends
justify the means.

His bonafides were got
verified by the police before he was granted the gun licence.

He failed to
establish the truth of the facts mentioned in his statement before the judge.

He was required to
show his identity card at the gate of the office.

I have asked him to
confirm the date of his arrival in New Delhi.

The lawyer
demonstrated how the witness was lying.







Contextual Examples:

I have
refused to part with my books at any cost.

There is always a
negative side to any issue in any matter.

I have never
denied that my knowledge is limited.

He may
refute his earlier statement but he cannot disprove it.

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