Synonyms & Antonyms : Punish


( Verb )

How would you punish somebody for stealing money?










Contextual Examples:

Poverty and unemployment still afflict the youth in India.

An unemployed youth was greatly chastened by his failure.

The police used tear gas to subdue the rioters.

The king’s forces were humbled by the peasant revolt.

His father chastised Vicky for not attending the schools regularly.

Being one of his close friends, you should correct him whenever he goes wrong.

The teacher disciplined her students by holding them for one hour after the school time.

The accountant was castigated by his boss for his frequent absence from office.








Contextual Examples:

The office recompensed me for my touring expenses.

I filled the indemnity bond to take an advance from the bank.

The principal rewarded the boy for saving his colleague from drowning.

If you lend me $ 500, I’ll repay it to you tomorrow.

I will compensate you for interest in due course.

What remuneration do you seek for this job?

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