Difficult Words:

Qualitative and Qualify

Difficult Words : Qualitative and Qualify

Qualify (KWOL uh FYE) v: to modify or restrict

• You already know the primary meaning of
qualify. Here's another meaning.

• Susan
qualified her praise of Judith by saying that her kind words applied only to Judith's skillful cooking and not to her abhorrent personality. Judith was upset by Susan's qualification.

• The library trustees rated their fund-raiser a
qualified success. Many more people than expected had come, but virtually no money had been raised.

• An
unqualified success is a complete, unrestricted success.

Qualitative (KWOL i TAY tiv) adj: having to do with the quality or qualities of something (as opposed to the quantity)

• If a school achieves a
qualitative improvement in attendance, it means that the school is being attended by better students.

• If the school achieves a
quantitative improvement, it means the school is being attended by more students.

• The difference between the two restaurants was quantitative rather than
qualitative. Both served the same dreadful food, but the second restaurant served more of it.

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