Synonyms & Antonyms : Question


( Noun )

questioned the Conservative candidate on his views.








Contextual Examples:

The latest scientific discoveries cast
doubt on earlier theories.

The science teacher put a
query to Vicky to check out weather he had been paying attention to his lecture.

Scientists are now
investigating ways of producing more and more food over the world.

The police have found some new clues after
interrogation of the person’s detainment in this case.

He has finished his
inquisition in this case and submitted his report.

A commission of
inquiry has been set up to probe into the cause of Kanishka air crash in which 239 lives were lost.








Contextual Examples:

I have yet to
reply to the queries of the income tax authorities.

answer he gave was quite surprising.

His advocate is preparing a
rejoinder for submission to the court in response to a charge of the complainant.

The government has not yet
responded to my appeal for assistance under the new scheme.

I have decided to
rejoin the college for higher studies.

I received an encouraging
response to my letter.

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