Synonyms & Antonyms : Rate


( Verb )

Do you rate Mr. Raja among your friends?








Contextual Examples:

He computes the interest meticulously and charges every single paisa from his clients who buy things on installments.

The cost of constructing the house will very likely exceed your estimates.

The tax department always assesses a property on the higher side.

The agent priced the house at the right level for the market.

The secretary has apprised the Minister of the latest developments in this district.

The government may have to reckon with new forces of communalism in the near future.





Contextual Examples:

I do not generally miscalculate figures as this leads to basic flaws in the pricing of products.

I do not wish to underrate your talent but I wish I had the necessary outlet for its full utilization.

A good salesman should neither undervalue nor overvalue products to conduct his marketing targets.

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