Synonyms & Antonyms : Readiness


( Noun )

Have everything in readiness to have an early start.







Contextual Examples:

Indira Gandhi was praised by all for her promptitude in introducing the 42 amendment bill.

The boss will assign him a new job only after he has ascertained his willingness.

Rajesh is looking forward to his new job with great eagerness.

His alacrity to overpower the thief surprised us all.

She answered his call for assistance with pleasurable quickness.







Contextual Examples:

Your unwillingness to help me at the present moment shows your lack of faith in me.

My reluctance to buy the new soap disappointed the sales girl.

I told her the reason of my disinclination, yet she clung to her salesmanship.

I have an aversion for luxury products which pinch my pocket.

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