Synonyms & Antonyms : Ready


( Adjective )

Are you ready to come with us to cinema?









Contextual Examples:

She was quick to point out all the mistakes she had committed.

Computer helps speedy disposal of work.

Duties of a fire brigadier can be performed only by an alert person.

The salesman is prepared to visit his client at the time of the latter’s convenience.

You are most welcome to join us if you feel so disposed.

I am willing to set apart some money for purchase of shares of your company.







Contextual Examples:

He is an unwilling worker. Let’s dismiss him.

Slow and steady wins the race is an old wise saying.

His clumsy look shows he must not be a smart worker.

If you go unprepared for the interview, you may fumble in the midst of discussion.

The new employee may be inexperienced but he is quite shrewd.

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