Synonyms & Antonyms : Rebellion


( Noun )

The first rebellion against the dictator moved all of us.










Contextual Examples:

In the army the punishment for sedition is death.

The first mutiny in the Indian army took place in 1857 at Meerut.

Any uprising against his regime was suppressed ruthlessly by President Saddam Hussein.

The Tamils have been charged of insurrection by the Government of Sri Lanka.

Only the President can grant pardon to a person who revolts against the Government.








Contextual Examples:

Anti-defection Bill provides for loyalty by members to the party which sponsored them for election.

Extreme form of patriotism is despised by right thinking people as something obstructing the growth of internationalism.

Devotion to one’s duty is always rewarded one way or the other.

His faithfulness to his country is beyond any doubt.

Nationalism is welcome only so long as it does not contradict internationalism.

Toadyism stands for toeing the line of your boss blindly without regard to the merit or demerit of an action.

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