Synonyms & Antonyms : Release


( Verb )

This medicine will release your father from his sufferings.











Contextual Examples:

Students who attended the evening lecture were exempted from doing homework.

The bonded labors were beaten severely when they tried to liberate themselves from the clutches of the landlord.

The thief unloosed the knots of the rope and escaped.

The doctor relieved him of the headache by a single dose.

India was freed from the foreign yoke after a prolonged struggle.

The leader disengaged himself from the fury of the mob with great difficulty.

He has disentangled himself from party politics.

The fox tried desperately to extricate itself from the trap put up by the jackal but failed.

The fox tried desperately to free itself from the trap put up by the jackal but failed.

The government has emancipated a large number of agricultural workers from serfdom.






Contextual Examples:

I had to restrain myself from saying something rude.

I have confined myself to pure research for the next two years.

The magician enthralled the audience for full one hour.

The bind between the father and his sob is so deep that they live together for a long time.

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