Synonyms & Antonyms : Repentance


( Noun )

It is a crime to show
rependance to him for his involvement in this looting.








Contextual Examples:

He feels
contrition for betraying his mother?

The businessman seemed to have no
compunctions about cheating the innocent – peoples.

There was great
regret in the village at the death of the head of the village.

The children felt great
sorrow when their pet dog died.

Deepak felt deep
penitence for disobeying his teacher.

His heart was filled with too much
grief when he heard of his brother’s death by drowning.






Contextual Examples:

The parents expressed
satisfaction with his son for his excellent performance in the examination.

India may be well prepared for defence, yet there is need to avoid any
complacence in the examination.

I feel
pleasure in presenting my book at a function to the Honorable Minister for release.

The unscrupulous car owner offered
gratification to the traffic policeman to evade the fine for wrong driving.

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